missing you

I miss someone that I can’t  reach

someone that always busy with his own business

someone who didn’t think I’m exist

and didn’t realize that he’s my reason to life

I wish I could be his significant other

but it’s just my imagination

and I ask my self

should I try harder or let the world turns?

There’s no guarantee that he’ll realize

what I felt deep down my heart

-delftse blauw mijn haart ook-

PS: I choose to let the world turn (perhaps) someday we’ll meet in the other world


Filed under loving life

2 responses to “missing you

  1. kustyawan

    Kumchan, knapa seh jd mellow yellow gt? Smangat dunk!! Taw ga? Sikap positif dan negatif tuh nular? Ky meme, suatu istilah peradaban d buku virus akal budi..

  2. ukechin

    Dira darling.. ini tulisan buat mas mu kah?
    so you’ll let the world turns?

    aku juga miss him so much, dan gw gak setegar lo Dir, yang bisa ngelepasin dengan gagah.
    gw masih ngarep, masih ngejar2, sampe detik ini gw masih nangis2..
    masih berharap, some day ALLAH bakal bukain hatinya buat gw.

    CMANGAD ya Dira darling!

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