kuala lumpur 2

My journey continues, on my 5th or 6th day there I went to Putrajaya, Putrajaya is new federal administrative of Malaysia, de jure Malaysia capital city is Kuala Lumpur, but the facto their administrative already moved to Putrajaya . Putrajaya is like 30 min away from KL, I took KLIA express to get me there, the interior of the train reminds me of Veolia train that took me from Leeuwarden to Hindellopen.

ministry of Finance Putrajaya

My first impression of Putrajaya is this city is similar with  Dubai, they build all the building looks like Persian capital city, like city on 1001night stories considering the diverse background of Malaysia, they should put something that show the people of their country. Anyway it was a nice walk with my boy friend we went to the Putra Mosque, saw the prime minister office on the distance, even more we met Indonesian student who had their excursion to KL!

putra mosque

Our journey continues to china town, this was a sudden change because at the first place I’d like to visit my brother, but unfortunately he’s unavailable. KL’s chinatown just like the combination between Hindu, China, and Malay culture. I went in to Sridevi temple on Chinatown *I forgot the exact name* it is beautiful temple, they deaorated the temple with beautiful statues, furthermore this temple is dedicated for Sri Devi, the one ehich I think her popularity is equal to Virgin Maria in Christian. I know that Hindu people is paternal society, I’m really proud to come to the temple that dedicated for a girl.


Not so far away from this Hindu temple there’s chinese temple, it’s amaze me how building in KL could be so diverse.


I continue my walk to Pasar Seni to buy some souvenir and to walk through the Petaling Street, the place where fake stuff of any brand is available.

pasar seni

petaling street

My last day there I went to see Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) on that day they are showing LAT’s window to the world, unfortunately no classical music today, just some music arrangement for Charlie Chaplin’s Movie Modern Times and music arrangement to honour LAT a Malaysian cartoonist, he’s famous for his character Kampung Boy.

after watching the symphoni

Nothing last forever, including my holiday, so on 5th of May 2009 I went home to Netherland, and keep ask myself when I’m gonna graduate from my study here.

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