Januari-February Recap

Nothing new by this time,

By January I was in holiday blues, it was not really nice I didn’t come to office for several weeks and just lazying around, not only it’s bad for my career, it’s also bad for my reputation on the office, I didn’t feel very productive at this time. The weather also really not helping, it was snowing and not improving since January, makes you feel snuggles every time you see the window.

I went to Netherlands open air museum with mr.R, and as usual we argue all the way to Arnhem, about stupid thing off course, like when he got a job, applying stuff and such. He also asked me stupid question, or question that made me feel that way. What we got from our trip? refreshing sight of old Netherland during winter time, all history of all building start from stone age to modern age, free coffee, free beer sample, free tea, ah… it was really a nice place. Being there is just like being on 17thh century of Netherland’s village, thanks to authenticity of the crew costume and detailed information on the museum. Just check this picture gallery.

February, I hate february, it was really not productive months. My first plan was to enter all the class that I already enrolled on the blackboard, I even bought the book for spanish course, and until now I haven’t enter the class and I didn’t inform the teacher, damn I felt bad about it! It also happen with my other class, the first week I went to repair my bike, the second week I was busy with my work on deltares, the third week I my tooth hurt so bad, I curse my dentist, Netherland health system, and regret why didn’t I brushed my tooth twice a day , and I didn’t cancel my previous appointment with my dentist (and they usually put some charge on it).The fourth week was holiday, and last week was first week of march I’m not improving at all. Actually, I made something I made my thesis proposal, but since haven’t discussed it with my supervisor and I didn’t contact the expertise from MARIN, I could say it’s not reallya a good progress.

O, I really hate my non procutive self!

God, really help me on this stuff, send me a savior on a white toyota  prius (yes, I’m a sustainable freak)

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