Kupat tahu

Ah.. Kupat tahu..

On my simple mind, my analogy of kupat tahu is (rice cake and tofu with peanut sauce), pasar baru or new market the biggest wet market on Bandung, carrying like thousand kilos of my momma’s shopping, wet track, and the most delicious stall who sell kupat tahu. But, this memories also brings the other black memory such as waiting in a hot car for 1 hours while my mom was waiting on pharmacy to take my drugs, back then the cheapest pharmacy was in pasar baru, me as a troubled child with health I always came to that pharmacy for minimum once a month.

Winter time push me to cook something new, and what crossed on my mind is kupat tahu, some people wondering what is the different between kupat tahu and tahu petis? the answer is the amount of petis on peanut sauce, and also the viscosity of the sauce, kupat tahu sauce is more liquid than tahu petis.

Recipe for sauce (for 2 people)

3 garlic cloves

3 spoonfull of peanut butter

1 tea spoon of tahu petis sauce (I have it on a bottle, bought in oriental store

1 table spoon of soy sauce (ABC offcourse)

50 ml of hot water

sugar and salt to personal taste

Crush the garlics, mix with peanut butter, sauce, soysauce, hot water, taste it, add sugar and salt, if you like it hot add few drops of sambel, I don’t like spicy food, so I made it really sweet.

to prepare lontong

Just boil instant lontong on oriental store and let it cooked.

to prepare ‘tahu’

buy hard tahu on oriental store (it’s like heaven 🙂 ) cut to small pieces and fried it

to serve:

Kupat tahu ussually serve with boiled bean sprouts, cut lontong, fried tahu, some sauce an also krupuk or crackers, I don’t have fish or prawn crackers, so I just use rice crackers or gendar.

Even though it’s a lazy version and I didn’t use the original recipe, it turned out really nice, how nice? Even I could have a glimpse reminiscence of childhood memory hehehehhe 🙂


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  1. i like kupat tahu very much

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