childhood dream

What comes up on your mind everytime you saw CNN news?

Some people will say striking news from all around the world, or the news of east and west is quite balance, or just simply it’s an american propaganda (if you are extremist moslem, you will think of it)

For me it reminds of my childhood dream, as a child we wanted to be different than other, while other child dream to be a doctor or a teacher, I’d like to be a news reporter, and not only some reporter who works on everyday life news but also a war reporter.

How do I even think about that? well, one thing my dad subscribed to ‘Tempo’ magazine (they put similar content like ‘Time’ magazine) and by the time I was 6 or 7 the news of Gulf war is all over the media.  On one edition they made exclusive reportage about the anchor of CNN who covers the gulf war, it was intriguing, and for a small kid like me it was fascinating, by that time I decided that I want to be a war reporter when I grew up.

Time passes, and naturally I forgot about that dream, right now I’m taking master degree on an engineering course, since I’m taking it in Netherlands I saw a lot of CNN news and also their coverage of Afghanistan and Iraq, I have to admit that it really makes me look behind and wonders what will happen if I remember and follow my dream as a reporter, definitely things will be diferent.

In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy my time here as an international master student and making a reportage of my life from my point of view, hopefully someday I’ll be able to write on national newspaper or even better making a reportage for national television about an event in Netherland (yes,yes, keep dreaming)

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