random dialog

me and my supervisor and literally divided by room divider, our room sit next to each other, and since my lab member only consists of few people, we became close to other.

one day  I met my supervisor to ask about few thing, I brought some paper and such thing, later he talks about matriks and such thing, and he asked me whether I’ll need some matlab script to extract some data, so I just like ‘OK’ but since it’s a bit late he told me to remind him tomorrow, and such weird conversation happen.

Supervisor (S): Please remind me to give you the script tomorrow morning

Stupid master student (SMS) : ummm, ok, I’m easily to forget something, let me just write it first (busy looking for paper)

S:It’s a matlab script to extract delfrac file to matlab input

SMS:rrrrr, what is it again that I have to remind you?

S:to remind me to give you the script

SMS:right (writing, writing)

S:or I could just remind you to remind me that I have to give you the script

SMS: huh? (take me sometimes to understand his word)

S: oh well, I got to go to sport centre

SMS: oh ok

I’m absolutely sure that me and my supervisor are specialized on creating awkward situation

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