D+1, my feeling

Ied El-Fitr, D+1

After my so called celebration of Ied El-Fitr (went to Indonesian moslem’s celebration, went to Wisma Duta, and spent night night on Mba Enik’s home) I should feel refresh, but strangely enough I feel terrible today.

Someday I feel that I did something nasty and unforgiveable and forget about that, what I feel is not regret but sinfull and guilty. I tried to remember it but somehow I couldn’t recall any memories about it, I began to think that I couldn’t differentiate between reality and dream, OMG, what’s wrong with me?

I think somehow someway, it’s just some compensation from my endless depression as student who spent so many money but not (yet) graduate..

I hate it..

usually when I have such a bad premonition like this something bad and nasty will happen, i hope it doesn’t come true

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