random thougt

Just some random thought after sometimes I haven’t post any blog

– You know that you are on the Engineering school when you work in a room full with bunch of student staring at computer screen but are working on a same program called ‘MATLAB’

-You know it was white week (one week before exam) when you heard bunch of latinos guy talking about some engineering stuff and at one point one guy said ‘Oh, that’s a dirty mind you got there’ #WTH#




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3 responses to “random thougt

  1. hmm,, wondering what was the latinos talking about…

    • bungawardani

      Actually, u don’t want to know it, the man’s mind on one week before exam was even more complicated than chess grandmaster.

      I think even though they discuss about physics law, those line will come up eventually 🙂

  2. haha,, i knew that..
    then, how bout the woman’s mind before exam..? shopping? hehee…

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