It’s been sometimes since I updated my blog.

Time really flies at supersonic velocity.

Let me see, what’s new in my world:

  • My mother is coming to town, it’s not a really good news for me, since I’m specialized on long distance mother-daughter relationship, I never ever ever been so close to my mom, so as I predicted my life turns into a havoc mess, with arguing and all those mother-daughter drama, my mother is indeed super sensitive, and I’m like super insensitive and being pacifist (claimed!). Well even though things turned out to be like I’m expected, we still have some good time though (or at least I thought so)
  • Month after I worked on so called ‘master computer room’ (it used to be a basement bar, and somehow I still think the place has the bar nuance) I began to memorize the people who works there, there’s a guy from transportation who always have matlab simulation running on his computer, a parents-dotted-guy-that-has-issues-with-public-display-affection seriously man when you have a girlfriend who worked on the same room try NOT to displaying any affectionate it BOTHERS me, a guy who (I think) came from India (we never talk though), a girl with heavy make up and nice outfit who not came from netherland, a girl with really typical dutch face, a bunch of guy who always work in a group of 3 (I called them blondy, brownie, and beardy), a nice friendly surinamese guy, one geeky young men, o yes and Adil colleague from OE, seems most of the people comes from either system of control, transportation, or biomechanic. Well then guys, dozo yoroshikune!
  • By some incident, I met with my old girl friend Ika, we used to be close since we have same hobby (photography!), due to some things we were drifted away and somehow she’s now became my lunch buddy, we chatted and refresh the latest news (or in Indonesian way:gossiping). Today she told me that once she saw european guy read my blog on civil engineering computer room, and I’m just like YATTA.. yes! I made it, my blog will became famous (OK, calm down, stop imagining things). To the guy who read my blog I’d like to say: ARIGATO GOZAIMASU! don’t forget to come again here ok! *wink, wink*

As for my thesis, nothing new, I think if I didn’t graduate by March I’ll just gonna drop out from the school, there you go I made up my mind, it’s been too freaking long! So please, please, please, dearest God who most merciful and gracious as if the graduation is my destiny please please please give me courage and any needed strength so I could graduate.

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