Je bent zo schattig deh!

After being kicked out from the lab due to my super lazy working ethic that made me to be super late on graduating and made me look on my thesis as  be endless research. I moved to work on the master computer room, and yes it’s on the basement, I always made joke to my phd friend that this faculty also had working room for bachelor student and it’s located on basement 2 (Level of education determine by your level on building, get it?) but no one seems to get it, stupid socialist country..

Anyway back to the topic, it seems to be the people who works on this room is either newbie or oldie, but since we work on silence I never know about them (but at least I smiled on the regulars!). One night a tall dutch guy (TDG) came to me and say ‘de kamer wil gesloten’ (or is it, I dunno, I’m not a good dutch-listener) and I replied ‘Sorry, my dutch is niet zo goed’ and what happened next is beyond my expectation (TA TA TA TA *bethoven symphony#9*)

TDG: Ow, you know, it’s almost seven o’clock, the room will close after seven

me: well, I don’t think so, I usually work until late at night at the room still open as long as you have the pass (yes!seniority rules!)

TDG: Oh, I didn’t know that, thanks anyway

me: ur welcome

comes to think of it, he was the nicest guy on this room who inform me about me, aww.. Baldy! je bent zo ardig!

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  1. Karya hari ini


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