Me 2.0

it’s about the time I write about what happen recently on my life

life is indeed sucks, if I know I spent my 3.5 years waste on Netherland I would rather never gave any thought of coming there, but yes indeed, it sucks, it is disappointing, it is depressing, and it gave me one freaking big wound on my heart.

but c’est la vie, the world turns, time waits for no one, life moves on.

3 months of struggling on my crazy house, doing nothing but spending money for dentist and dermatologist. I took a big step of taking a course of Welding Engineer on b4t, what do I want? I’m not really sure I’ll get career on this field, neither I will be able to learn this new thing, but my heart say go on raise your sail, so I decided just for once to believe on my heart and just for this once let the universe decide what they want to do with me. By series of coincidence here and there I got a chance to took the course.

The result?

to be honest, I felt to reborn, there in the class, I met some young mind, some old soul, some child on their old manifest, some wise guy on their childish look. Somehow, for the first time I feel thank god to be 26, to have some kind of maturity in mind, to have a big heart, to understand different kind of people, to be mature and childish in the right time.

some how I felt I found what I’ve been looking for, a supportive environment, caring friends, funny people, someone who I can rely on and someone who rely on me, someone who shared their stories without thinking about my background.

For the first time in my 2 years of life I felt thank god that he gave me such a great bless, to live, to feel happy, to feel sadness, to be strong and survive until this moment.

PS: I think I’m gonna be married in Sept, but hey who knows? perhaps other miracle could come

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One response to “Me 2.0

  1. Karya hari ini

    mantap lah cuy. little bit feel desperate, but yeah, like indulgentia. wkaakaka. nice post laa sis.

    anyway, congrats for your “lamaran”. what we should call it on english?application?

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