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Je bent zo schattig deh!

After being kicked out from the lab due to my super lazy working ethic that made me to be super late on graduating and made me look on my thesis as  be endless research. I moved to work on the master computer room, and yes it’s on the basement, I always made joke to my phd friend that this faculty also had working room for bachelor student and it’s located on basement 2 (Level of education determine by your level on building, get it?) but no one seems to get it, stupid socialist country..

Anyway back to the topic, it seems to be the people who works on this room is either newbie or oldie, but since we work on silence I never know about them (but at least I smiled on the regulars!). One night a tall dutch guy (TDG) came to me and say ‘de kamer wil gesloten’ (or is it, I dunno, I’m not a good dutch-listener) and I replied ‘Sorry, my dutch is niet zo goed’ and what happened next is beyond my expectation (TA TA TA TA *bethoven symphony#9*)

TDG: Ow, you know, it’s almost seven o’clock, the room will close after seven

me: well, I don’t think so, I usually work until late at night at the room still open as long as you have the pass (yes!seniority rules!)

TDG: Oh, I didn’t know that, thanks anyway

me: ur welcome

comes to think of it, he was the nicest guy on this room who inform me about me, aww.. Baldy! je bent zo ardig!

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It’s been sometimes since I updated my blog.

Time really flies at supersonic velocity.

Let me see, what’s new in my world:

  • My mother is coming to town, it’s not a really good news for me, since I’m specialized on long distance mother-daughter relationship, I never ever ever been so close to my mom, so as I predicted my life turns into a havoc mess, with arguing and all those mother-daughter drama, my mother is indeed super sensitive, and I’m like super insensitive and being pacifist (claimed!). Well even though things turned out to be like I’m expected, we still have some good time though (or at least I thought so)
  • Month after I worked on so called ‘master computer room’ (it used to be a basement bar, and somehow I still think the place has the bar nuance) I began to memorize the people who works there, there’s a guy from transportation who always have matlab simulation running on his computer, a parents-dotted-guy-that-has-issues-with-public-display-affection seriously man when you have a girlfriend who worked on the same room try NOT to displaying any affectionate it BOTHERS me, a guy who (I think) came from India (we never talk though), a girl with heavy make up and nice outfit who not came from netherland, a girl with really typical dutch face, a bunch of guy who always work in a group of 3 (I called them blondy, brownie, and beardy), a nice friendly surinamese guy, one geeky young men, o yes and Adil colleague from OE, seems most of the people comes from either system of control, transportation, or biomechanic. Well then guys, dozo yoroshikune!
  • By some incident, I met with my old girl friend Ika, we used to be close since we have same hobby (photography!), due to some things we were drifted away and somehow she’s now became my lunch buddy, we chatted and refresh the latest news (or in Indonesian way:gossiping). Today she told me that once she saw european guy read my blog on civil engineering computer room, and I’m just like YATTA.. yes! I made it, my blog will became famous (OK, calm down, stop imagining things). To the guy who read my blog I’d like to say: ARIGATO GOZAIMASU! don’t forget to come again here ok! *wink, wink*

As for my thesis, nothing new, I think if I didn’t graduate by March I’ll just gonna drop out from the school, there you go I made up my mind, it’s been too freaking long! So please, please, please, dearest God who most merciful and gracious as if the graduation is my destiny please please please give me courage and any needed strength so I could graduate.

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random thougt

Just some random thought after sometimes I haven’t post any blog

– You know that you are on the Engineering school when you work in a room full with bunch of student staring at computer screen but are working on a same program called ‘MATLAB’

-You know it was white week (one week before exam) when you heard bunch of latinos guy talking about some engineering stuff and at one point one guy said ‘Oh, that’s a dirty mind you got there’ #WTH#




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random dialog

me and my supervisor and literally divided by room divider, our room sit next to each other, and since my lab member only consists of few people, we became close to other.

one day  I met my supervisor to ask about few thing, I brought some paper and such thing, later he talks about matriks and such thing, and he asked me whether I’ll need some matlab script to extract some data, so I just like ‘OK’ but since it’s a bit late he told me to remind him tomorrow, and such weird conversation happen.

Supervisor (S): Please remind me to give you the script tomorrow morning

Stupid master student (SMS) : ummm, ok, I’m easily to forget something, let me just write it first (busy looking for paper)

S:It’s a matlab script to extract delfrac file to matlab input

SMS:rrrrr, what is it again that I have to remind you?

S:to remind me to give you the script

SMS:right (writing, writing)

S:or I could just remind you to remind me that I have to give you the script

SMS: huh? (take me sometimes to understand his word)

S: oh well, I got to go to sport centre

SMS: oh ok

I’m absolutely sure that me and my supervisor are specialized on creating awkward situation

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thesis grade

After very short discussion me and my working room mate agreed that:

Thesis report grade = function(number of equation, number of figures, number of table, number of colours used on the report, weight of the report)

side note:

1) this term is valid for engineering student only if number of equations are more than 100

2) the term of number of equation doesn’t valid for social studies student

Unfortunately we haven’t agreed about the fixed formula.


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Quote of the day:

‘I’m tired of reading’

comes from an phd student that works on the same room like me.

yes, phd student is  also human

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childhood dream

What comes up on your mind everytime you saw CNN news?

Some people will say striking news from all around the world, or the news of east and west is quite balance, or just simply it’s an american propaganda (if you are extremist moslem, you will think of it)

For me it reminds of my childhood dream, as a child we wanted to be different than other, while other child dream to be a doctor or a teacher, I’d like to be a news reporter, and not only some reporter who works on everyday life news but also a war reporter.

How do I even think about that? well, one thing my dad subscribed to ‘Tempo’ magazine (they put similar content like ‘Time’ magazine) and by the time I was 6 or 7 the news of Gulf war is all over the media.  On one edition they made exclusive reportage about the anchor of CNN who covers the gulf war, it was intriguing, and for a small kid like me it was fascinating, by that time I decided that I want to be a war reporter when I grew up.

Time passes, and naturally I forgot about that dream, right now I’m taking master degree on an engineering course, since I’m taking it in Netherlands I saw a lot of CNN news and also their coverage of Afghanistan and Iraq, I have to admit that it really makes me look behind and wonders what will happen if I remember and follow my dream as a reporter, definitely things will be diferent.

In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy my time here as an international master student and making a reportage of my life from my point of view, hopefully someday I’ll be able to write on national newspaper or even better making a reportage for national television about an event in Netherland (yes,yes, keep dreaming)

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