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youngest offshore engineer

I just came from my friend graduation presentation, it was really nice, he done his thesis very well, and yes he’s a cumlaude..

the professor said that ‘Congratulations for being the offshore engineer, you’re the youngest offshore engineer ever’

comes to think of it, my clever chinese friend is still on his 23 or 24 so no wonder he’s the youngest offshore engineer.

When I told this to my office mate he said

‘O, offshore engineer guy sure is lazy!’ (including him)

I suddenly burst into laugh!

You just made my day mi amigo!

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I made a score!

Eindelijk, after so many times I spent on lunch time we have all English conversation! Actually I think it’s because they partly want to influence me to see the KRO documenter movie about world cup, it’s about the negative effect of World Cup in surrounds society, for me it’s like everyday news in Indonesia where rich people always beat poor people, but for them it was a shock. Well, I can’t believe they talked about this problem like for these past 2 days. Well, I guess as expected from Nederlands. 1.3-1 for me! ooooo ik ben trots op mijnzelf!

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As much as they like coffee, Nederlands also like fish, they also put something like ‘eat fish two times a week for your omega 3 needs’ on their health advertisement (something like ‘smoking kills’ sticker on public transportation car in Indonesia). This week new harring (I think the English word is herring) is coming to Netherland, it came along from Norway, catch by Dutch fishermen, to be served on plate on every home in the Netherlands.

What’s harring? Harring is basically small herring fish, here they served harring boneless, headless and brined with salt. They also put addition of raw onion or served with rolled bread, it taste like sashimi but in a so much worse way.

Today is a fish day on my lab, this guys are crazy about fish thingy van kibbeling tot paling, anything that sold on the visbank they will eat it, and they were just made a big fuss about this nieuwe haring, and by the time I ate (yes, I was easily influenced by them) it taste like (well what do you expect?) regular haring, well to be honest with little hint of freshness on it’s meat. Oh yeah, the topic of talk during this lunch is ‘The exploration of Nieuwe haring van dit jaar’ all about where did they come from and such thing, I did make some clever comment about where did they come from maar niet zo goed, so 0.3 for me the score still 1-0.3 voor Nederland.

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Wil je koffie drinken?

Do you want to drink coffee?

Nederlands really like to drink coffee or tea, they have coffee shop in almost every corner of the city, but don’t imagine something fancy like starbucks coffee it was a regular coffee with basic menu, the thing is the coffee here (especially on coffee machine) taste really bad, it tastes like water and once you get used of it doesn’t have any effect on your brain (after all, when you sleepy no one can stop you to take some nap). The espresso even tastes like instant coffee. I wonder when they will upgrade their coffee machine standard.

I thought the expression of ‘wil je coffee drinken’ is the only expression to ask someone whether he/she wanted to drink coffee, but actually what I see here from my office lab mates or working room mates (depend on your philosophical bend *as Sheldon said* ), they also used this expression to ask someone to meet or hang out together, yes my friend, coffee time is known as social time (it took me a really long time to understand it), so someday when your phone was ringing and some dutch in the other end ask you to have a coffee together it doesn’t mean that he/she wanted to treat you a cup of coffee, it’s also could mean ‘will you come to meet me and we could have some chat?’

Yes, they won’t teach you this on university.

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Since I’m working in a hydro lab (or it’s more like spending most of my time there) I became sort of the lab community, meet my working room mate mr.A and mr.E, mr.A already graduated as master student and continue to pursue his doctoral degree, mr.E works on the biggest shipping company in the world and will graduate in another 2 or 3 months (ik denk), in general they are brilliant dutch student, they are working diligently, have a great ethical work, and yes ladies and gentlemen’s a brilliant career after graduation is definitely a warranty.

If I make a comparison between me and them in a primate world they would be chimpanzee and I would be a sloth, I’m slow, lazy and always felt sleepy, to make it worse I’m always hiding inside the forest and by forest I mean my comfort zone.

Short word, I feel puny in compare to them, me, the one who wants to be more proactive but always find reason not to do that, while them happy young people who doesn’t seems to have any insecurities problem. Me, the one who wants to be able to speak nederlands but always find my self lost on translation even in daily conversation. Me, the one who already stuck for few weeks of endless trying to make formulation to solve linear wave theory, and don’t know what to do (come to think of it, what I’m saying is always about me, such an ego).

Oh well, but I believe these days will pass, I believe there will be time when I could laugh out loud about what happens today, sometimes the only solution is time itself.

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Wereld Kampioen

WK or world cup in English is such hegemony in Netherlands, not only because their time qualified for the world cup but also it’s part of their culture. In a small country of 16 million people, voetbal as they said, is a part of their lifestyle, their nation pride, one of the trade commodities and if it’s possible their religion. Self proclaimed country who invented totaal voetbal system, they are really proud with their national team, on a time like world cup or European cup as I expected the neighborhood turn into semi ‘koningengedag’ environment, it’s all orange and lion-y (the national team mascot is Bessie the lion).

Actually as someone whose not into football I’m OK with all the big fuss and everything, but one thing I couldn’t stand is the talk, now football becomes the most popular topic in almost every corner of city (it used to be weather, but hell, football beat bad weather). The topic could be everything related to football from team, player, the prediction of winner and such thing, as for today lunch my lab mates talked about the stadium that was built for the world cup and all the pricy ticket that even south African couldn’t buy it, and they also discuss about the effect of the stadium location and such thing, it’s not that I care about it, maar de mensen spreek in Nederlands ik alleen begrijp een beetje. It irritated me when I couldn’t understand about some topic and made some response. From now on I will keep score when they talk about football or anything else and I couldn’t make any response, this time I was defeated 0-1 voor Nederlands.

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I feel

I feel uneasy about my condition

My heart always filled with doubt

I know what should  I do but I feel lazy to start it

I really don’t like my condition now

I need encourage

I need a push

I need everything that could put me on my best performance

I need a breakthrough

I need to break my own shell

I need to be more confidence

I need love

with so much demand in this world

I need to stand still against all the bad thing that could turn me into my night mare

God, I’m begging you

Give me a stronger heart that could defeat any frown

Give me a stronger feet so I could walk further

but most of all

give me a power to accept anything that I couldn’t change

-Jaiyo Dira!-

some note when I was working on BFS assignment

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